CD Player DAC / Transport database

Welcome to the CD Player DAC / Transport database.

There are 4250 records in the database.

You can search on either a Make, Model, Dac Chip, Laser or Mechanism.
The search is not case sensitive.
*** Updated 26 February 2016 ***
Search tips: Google type searches (e.g. marantz + cdm) are not (yet) supported.
Simply put a few letters of your desired keyword - e.g. if you're searching for KSS240, you can search
for KSS2 and all devices using KSS2* will be returned, e.g. KSS213 / KSS210 etc.
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The data contained within this database is credited to various internet sources:
The DAC List at VasilTech
And also at Dutch Audio Classics
Information posted on forums.
And other internet resources.
Download the MySQL database (54kb) for your own use here.
*OR* download the database as a .CSV file (52kb) for your own use here.
A short note to the script kiddies - there is no password information contained within these files.